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Australians need to be well informed on a broad range of issues. In addition to the regular contributions under the FDI designated research areas, you can expect to see regular analysis on a wide range of globally significant  issues. These issues will include, but will not be limited to, the following:

  • Energy. Australia needs to be assured of sufficient energy resources to meet its requirements in the foreseeable future. Periodically FDI will publish articles addressing what Australia’s energy requirements to 2035 and how might these best be met.
  • Climate Change. There is broad scientific agreement that climate change is occuring. It is likely that the primary cause of climate change is excess atmospheric greenhouse gases from human activities. Climate change, what ever the cause, poses risks for a broad range of human systems.
  • Other global challenges:
    • Population demographics. Recent UN demographic projections show that the world’s population is likely to reach 9.3 billion by 2050. Virtually all of this population growth will be in developing countries, the areas least able to support them. As a result demand is likely to outrun the capacity of so many of our natural systems.
    • Levels of Inequality. The widening income gap between people has been described as a global, societal pandemic. It is leading the lower and middle classes around the world to mistrust the economic systems under which they live and, therefore, to demand radical change.
    • The impact of increased technological developments. The vast majority of technological changes are incremental – doing things better, faster and cheaper. There is, however, and emerging revolution in production and disruptive manufacturing technologies are already underway and will undoubtedly grow in importance. Furthermore, many people in developing countries could have their employment threatened by technologies that increasingly use robotics.

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