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A number of short articles addressing current intelligence topics, issued each week.

Exercise Desert Flag Solidifies French Regional Defence Partnerships

The multinational air warfare exercise hosted by the United Arab Emirates further cements France as a resident Indo-Pacific power.

The Dragon in the Tasman: The Upgraded New Zealand-China Free Trade Agreement and Australia

The upgraded Free Trade Agreement between New Zealand and China has agitated trans-Tasman relations but provides a potential example for Australia of how to engage Beijing.

Outgoing German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Complicated Legacy

In the elections to be held in September this year, the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) is expected to increase its electoral-winning percentage far beyond the previously achieved 12 per cent by exploiting the abandoned legacy of outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Does Australia need a Nuclear-Power Sector and Nuclear-Powered Submarines? – Continued

The call to initiate a discussion regarding a nuclear industry in Australia – and nuclear-powered submarines – has led to some vociferous, albeit emotional, reaction. Left unanswered were the questions that were asked.

African Swine Fever Variants Discovered in China, Posing a Threat to Pork Production

While African Swine Fever remains contained in China, a resurgence of the disease would delay efforts to rebuild the swine herd after several years of decline, reduce global grain prices and increase the cost of meat.

To Deter China, Increase Taiwan’s International Relations

Although China is increasingly capable of taking over Taiwan by force, it cannot risk alienating the many countries on which it depends commercially, making it necessary, therefore, to enhance Taiwan’s relations with those countries.

South Africa: Cautious Optimism in President’s COVID Update

In his address to the nation announcing an easing of restrictions, President Cyril Ramaphosa has highlighted the progress made in the fight against COVID-19, while also reminding his fellow citizens that ‘the threat of a third wave is constantly present.’

Bangladesh Sees Food Security Decline for the Second Year in a Row

The events of last year hampered Dhaka’s efforts to reduce poverty and improve food security. They exposed vulnerabilities in the Bangladeshi food system that are likely to present challenges to its long-term food security.

Can Indonesia Rally an ASEAN Response to the Myanmar Coup?

It is unlikely that ASEAN will agree to a co-ordinated response to the military coup in Myanmar, leaving it to countries from outside the region to impose stronger measures. Convincing the military to schedule a new election with ASEAN oversight, while not ideal, may be the best-case scenario for ASEAN.

The Future of Peace in Afghanistan

Uncertainty surrounds the peace negotiations in Afghanistan due to an inability to reconcile the Taliban’s demands with those of Kabul and the West.

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  • A number of short articles addressing current intelligence topics, issued each week.

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