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Papua New Guinea and Timor-Leste: Australia’s Struggling Neighbours

PNG and Timor-Leste are both facing significant economic and political obstacles and are likely to turn towards China for help. Australia is not in a strong position to offer a counterbalance.

Indian Farm Bills Seek to Liberalise Agricultural Markets

The legislation is designed to give Indian farmers greater bargaining power in agricultural markets, which could improve their financial position and Indian food security.

Japan’s Foreign Policy: Suga Set to Follow Path Set by Abe

Yoshihide Suga, Japan’s new Prime Minister, will likely continue down the foreign policy path set by his predecessor, Shinzo Abe, as he inherits pressing domestic issues ranging from COVID-19 to the economy and a new East Asian security framework.

France Strengthens Partnership with India as First Rafale Fighters Delivered to IAF

At a ceremony to hand over the first tranche of 36 Dassault Rafale fighter aircraft to the Indian Air Force, French Armed Forces Minister Florence Parly was clear about her country’s support for India as a primary strategic partner.

US Launches Mekong Partnership as Chinese Debt Trap Closes on Laos

Washington launched a new partnership with Mekong countries to counter rising Chinese influence in continental South-East Asia. As parts of the region are pulled closer into Beijing’s orbit, however, it is unlikely that the new partnership will alter the geopolitical situation.

China’s Continuing Conundrum: The US in the Maldives and Palau

Washington’s upgraded relationship with the Maldives and its invitation to build ports and bases in Palau can only add to Beijing’s consternation – and increase the likelihood of conflict between them.

China’s Mounting Worries: How Much More Can Xi Take?

While the increasing international pushback against China’s coercive tendencies may be viewed as the international community finally standing up to Beijing, the more pertinent question ought to be: how much more pressure can General Secretary Xi endure without feeling overwhelmed or cornered and lashing out militarily?

Thailand Protests Point towards Impending Generational Change

It is unlikely that the protests will bring about major change in the short-term future, as activists continue to be arrested. They do, however, represent a generational shift in Thai politics and could lead to similar protests in the future.

UAE and Israel Discuss Closer Co-operation in Food and Water Security

After normalising diplomatic relations, the UAE and Israel could both stand to benefit from closer collaboration in agricultural and water research and development.

Mauritius Government Facing Record Public Discontent after Oil Spill

Having previously won praise for its successful handling of COVID-19, the Mauritian Government now faces the wrath of its citizens after its poor handling of the MV Wakashio oil spill, which continues to wreak environmental damage.

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