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Strategic Alerts

Strategic alerts are priority current intelligence items. We provide these alerts when events such as military deployments or foreign election results occur.

China’s Engagement with the Taliban: What Now for Afghanistan?

5 August 2021 | Indian Ocean, Strategic Alerts

The meeting between Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and a nine-member Taliban delegation is significant for a number of reasons. While realising the need to engage with the Taliban, Beijing – with an eye towards Xinjiang province – has urged the group to sever any links between it and the East Turkestan Islamic Movement.

Jerusalem: A Flashpoint for Conflict or Microcosm of Peace?

Regardless of how the current and future violent conflicts between Israel and the Palestinians in Jerusalem will end, there will be no Israeli-Palestinian peace unless East Jerusalem becomes the capital of a Palestinian state while the city remains united. Thus, a long-term solution is necessary to ensure that Jerusalem does not continue to be a flashpoint for violence; there is a way whereby both sides can live in a united city and make it a microcosm for peaceful coexistence.

Portugal to Deploy Special Forces after Mozambique Attack

1 April 2021 | Indian Ocean, Strategic Alerts

Sixty Portuguese Special Forces personnel will be deployed to Mozambique to help train their local counterparts in the wake of the largest and deadliest attack yet in the jihadist insurgency that is ravaging the LNG-rich province of Cabo Delgado.

A Stalemate in Afghanistan

25 March 2021 | Indian Ocean, Strategic Alerts

The Taliban are failing to understand two basic points: first, reversion to a pre-2001 Islamic Emirate system is not possible (and not acceptable to regional countries); second, the path to the corridors of true power passes through the democratic electoral process.

Trouble in Ladakh: The Sino-Indian Stand-Off

19 June 2020 | Indian Ocean, Strategic Alerts

As expected, the deaths of twenty Indian soldiers in a clash with their Chinese counterparts have given rise to considerable anger in India and threats of economic reprisals.

The Sino-Indian Face-Off: Violence and Death in the Himalayas

17 June 2020 | Indian Ocean, Strategic Alerts

Chinese and Indian troops have clashed in hand-to-hand fighting in the Himalayas, resulting in the deaths of twenty Indian soldiers.

Coronavirus Putting the Brakes on Economic Growth in Bangladesh

9 April 2020 | Indian Ocean, Strategic Alerts

An emerging engine of growth in South Asia, Bangladesh enjoyed Gross Domestic Product growth of around eight per cent in each of the last two years, largely based on a very successful garment industry that employs four million workers and accounts for 13 per cent of GDP. Among the many consequences of the coronavirus now confronting Bangladesh are the spectres of halved economic growth forecasts and large-scale job losses in previously booming export sectors.

Trump’s Visit Extends the Scope of the US-India Strategic Partnership

3 March 2020 | Indian Ocean, Strategic Alerts

While President Trump’s recent visit to India did not advance a trade deal between the two countries, it did re-emphasise the security partnership, as evidenced by the sale of US military technology to India.

The Australia-Indonesia Relationship: A Snail’s Pace, but Still Moving Forward

11 February 2020 | Indian Ocean, Indonesia, Strategic Alerts

The visit to Australia by President Joko Widodo brought some optimism from both sides as to the future of the bilateral relationship. The priority now will be to improve the economic side of the equation, in the hope that other aspects of the relationship will follow. Working more closely to address shared concerns over maritime security may help to expedite that process.

The TPP and RCEP: Grand Trade Schemes are Victims of US and Indian Protectionist Policies

12 November 2019 | Indian Ocean, Strategic Alerts

The crux of the US and Indian leaders’ arguments for withdrawing their countries from the trade agreements is domestic economic policy, expressed succinctly by their respective campaign slogans, respectively “Make America Great Again” and “Make in India”.

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