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Australia needs to be assured of sufficient energy resources to meet its requirements in the foreseeable future. What new and emerging changes in the form of types of energy and its production might occur over this period?

FDI Research in 2019 and Intentions for 2020

12 December 2019 | Other FDI Reports

In 2020, FDI’s research will continue to focus on three areas: determining whether there will be a global food and water crisis between now and 2050; geostrategic developments, including opportunities and challenges for Australia, in the Indian Ocean region over the next 25 years; and what environmental and other challenges might Australia face in the development of northern Australia over the next 25 years and how might these challenges be met.

Marine Plastics in Northern Australian Waters: Targeted Aid Will Help Indonesia to Help Us

By working together to find ways of combatting environmental risks to Australia’s northern coast from marine plastic pollution, closer regional relationships can be achieved.

Continuing the Dialogue on Combatting Marine Plastic Pollution

A continuing, international level emphasis is being placed on a range of mechanisms, designed to reduce the prevalence of marine plastic waste and micro-plastics in the world’s oceans. Correspondingly, there is a heightened focus on developing new packing materials and reducing the production of environmentally harmful plastics.

China, the United States and the Taiwan Factor

While much attention is paid to the economic aspects of China–US tensions, the Trump Administration is increasingly adopting a whole-of-government approach towards countering China. One outcome of that approach is the use of the relationship with Taiwan to thwart China’s ambitions.

Xi’s European Tour and the Splintering of the European Union

President Xi’s European trip may have resulted in multi-billion-dollar agreements with France and Italy, but it has also deepened the growing schisms in the European Union.

FDI Research in 2018 and Intentions for 2019

19 December 2018 | From the CEO, Other FDI Reports

In 2019, FDI’s research will continue to focus on three areas: determining whether there will be a global food and water crisis between now and 2050; geostrategic developments, including opportunities and challenges for Australia, in the Indian Ocean region over the next 20 years; and identifying key developments in northern Australia over the next two decades, with an initial focus on landscape regeneration.

The Global Maritime Industry Remains Unprepared for Future Cybersecurity Challenges

The sea will continue to be one of the most important conduits of global economic prosperity. Due to the inherent dangers of the maritime environment – maritime terrorism, trigger-happy hijackers and sea pirates, negligent mariners and, now, cyber-criminals – the shipping industry must be more vigilant than ever if the global economy is to be sustained into the future.

The Normalisation of Japanese Policy in the Indian Ocean Region

Japan’s political and military normalisation under the stewardship of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is well and truly underway. Japan is taking an increasingly proactive approach to the Indian Ocean Region, as is evident from its various regional endeavours. It is partnering with countries from around the Indian Ocean rim to build capacity and develop infrastructure, while growing local economies and raising living standards. Tokyo would appear to be taking an approach in which the offer of aid does not necessarily imply the eventual dependence of the recipient on the donor.

Australian Defence Response to a Changing Climate

Globally, governments are including military forces in contingency planning in preparation for the possible consequences of a changing climate. In Australia, the most recent Defence White Paper defines Australia’s climate change position as largely influenced by regional stability. Accordingly, Australian Defence Force preparedness for climate-related crisis events will depend on timely, high quality information, resourcing and leadership.

FDI Outlook and Analysis for 2018

23 January 2018 | From the CEO, Other FDI Reports

Across the Indo-Pacific Region, the year ahead has all the hallmarks of continuing geopolitical uncertainly and the likelihood of increasing concern over a number of non-traditional challenges that include changes in demographic trends, the impact of climate change, the ability to meet food and water demands, rising inequality and the impact on employment of increased automation.

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