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Australia needs to be assured of sufficient energy resources to meet its requirements in the foreseeable future. What new and emerging changes in the form of types of energy and its production might occur over this period?

Cyber-Security Challenges to Australia’s Hydrocarbon Sector

14 December 2011 | Other FDI Reports SWA Articles

Background The Australian hydrocarbon sector boasts an advanced emergency management capability. Oil and gas facilities, however, are highly vulnerable to deliberate targeting, particularly from cyber-operations. Hydrocarbon has a complex production and supply chain, including exploration; production; refining; storage; and transportation, which creates significant vulnerabilities. Industry commentators suggest that the threat posed to the sector is...

Uranium Could Take India Relationship beyond the Three “Cs”

23 November 2011 | Other FDI Reports SWA Articles

Background In an announcement on 15 November 2011, Prime Minister Julia Gillard proposed changes to Australia’s position on uranium exports to India. Despite attempts in the later stages of the Howard Government, India’s status as a non-signatory to the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty (NPT) has precluded the South Asian power from purchasing Australian uranium. The proposed...

India Seeks Energy Security from Thorium

9 November 2011 | Other FDI Reports SWA Articles

Background In early November 2011, India announced ambitious plans to exploit the nation’s abundant thorium reserves as a low-carbon, less radioactive, alternative to uranium. The new “safer” power plant, to come online by the end of the decade, will promote Indian energy autonomy and represents a significant opportunity, within which Australia should aim to create...

Olympic Win For Australia After Mining Approval

19 October 2011 | Other FDI Reports SWA Articles

Background In mid-October 2011, the Federal and South Australian Governments gave approval for a massive expansion of BHP Billiton’s Olympic Dam mine. When operational, the proposed 4 km long, 3.5 km wide and 1 km deep copper, gold and uranium mine will create 13,000 jobs and contribute $45 billion to the economy. Comment BHP Billiton...

Australia Primed to Benefit From Future Energy Demands

Background In mid-September, the United States’ Energy Information Administration (EIA) released a report outlining global energy trends to 2035. The report titled, International Energy Outlook 2011, forecasts a 53 per cent increase in global energy use over the coming decades. The changing nature and requirements of international energy demand present an opportune space for the...

Protectionist Mining Code in Guinea Highlights African Sovereign Risk

21 September 2011 | Other FDI Reports SWA Articles

Background In mid-September 2011, lawmakers in the West African republic of Guinea passed a radical new mining code, to increase government ownership of mining operations. Prime Minister Mohamed Said Fofana argued the legislation will curb corruption and stimulate development in the impoverished country. Analysts and mine operators, however, argue that the new laws are restrictive...

Trans-Tasman Opportunities from New Zealand Energy Strategy

7 September 2011 | Other FDI Reports SWA Articles

Background Australia must position itself to promote its strong energy credentials with New Zealand, as Wellington commits to the long-term future of hydrocarbons for energy production. Conversely, as Australia makes a greater commitment to renewable power generation, New Zealand can provide the requisite expertise and experience. Comment In late August 2011, the New Zealand Government...

Mozambique Open for Mining Business: Minister

7 September 2011 | Other FDI Reports SWA Articles

Background The Indian Ocean littoral state of Mozambique is making moves to capitalise on its underdeveloped resources sector. Although a small number of Australian miners are already active in the country, the Mozambican Government is aiming to attract more mining companies by finetuning its foreign investment regime.  Comment Speaking at day two of the Africa...

China Proposes Joint Exploration of Spratly Islands

Background China’s ambassador in Manila says his country is willing to negotiate partnerships with the Philippines and other claimants in disputed parts of the South China Sea. The announcement, made on the eve of Philippine President Benigno Aquino’s first state visit to China, could remove a significant regional flashpoint, promote good order along major strategic lines of communication and ensure future energy security. ...

Kimberley Proposed as Possible Tidal Energy Site

Background Plans to build a 100 megawatt tidal station in the Kimberley region of north-west Australia have been revived, almost ten years after the project failed due to cost blow-outs. In addition to providing a clean source of energy, the station has the potential to increase economic and social opportunities in the region. Comment In...

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