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Nationalism, COVID-19 and the Tokyo Olympic Games

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga’s decision to persist with running the Olympic Games in 2021 is a political statement underpinned by nationalism.

Marine Plastics in Northern Australian Waters: Targeted Aid Will Help Indonesia to Help Us

By working together to find ways of combatting environmental risks to Australia’s northern coast from marine plastic pollution, closer regional relationships can be achieved.

Continuing the Dialogue on Combatting Marine Plastic Pollution

A continuing, international level emphasis is being placed on a range of mechanisms, designed to reduce the prevalence of marine plastic waste and micro-plastics in the world’s oceans. Correspondingly, there is a heightened focus on developing new packing materials and reducing the production of environmentally harmful plastics.

Xi’s European Tour and the Splintering of the European Union

President Xi’s European trip may have resulted in multi-billion-dollar agreements with France and Italy, but it has also deepened the growing schisms in the European Union.

Illegal Fauna Trafficking, the Threat to the Security of Australia’s Native Animals

Each year, thousands of Australian native birds, reptile and mammals are illegally caught and trafficked to domestic and overseas markets. The trade is growing and combating agencies can struggle to attract the necessary resources when competing with other, better publicised, environmental issues.

Climate Change and Lithium Production, Mutually Exclusive?

Lithium production, with enhanced protection of the natural environment, will be critical to the future of transportation globally as it becomes dominated by electrically powered vehicles.

Acid Mine Drainage: The Potential for Economic and Environmental Disaster

Acid mine drainage is a relatively simple process, but it has the potential to lead to long term environmental degradation if left untreated.

Trump’s Afghanistan Policy Becomes Multi-Faceted

The US President now appears to be taking a broader view of the situation in Afghanistan, one that could increase the pressure on Pakistan and bring India into the peacekeeping – and peace-making – equation.

Australia’s Liquefied Natural Gas – Export Wealth and Domestic Crisis

Australia is a major player in the production and export of liquefied natural gas. So why is the country facing gas shortages and a looming domestic energy crisis?

Cultural World Heritage Site Preservation and the Threat of Climate Change

Australia is responsible for the preservation of some globally significant World Heritage Sites which must be protected from potential damage arising from climate change.

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