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Northern Australia & Land Care

Northern Australia, that region of Australia north of the Tropic of Capricorn, provides a wealth of economic opportunities for our nation. This region is also strategically important for the vital role it plays in border protection and as an interface for broader engagement with neighbouring states.

Brazil: China’s New Pilbara

Background The “proximity premium” afforded to Australian iron ore companies and which provides a competitive advantage in the minerals sector, is under threat from Brazilian mining company, Vale. In June, the company announced ambitious plans to heavily invest in a global supply chain network. Comment  The Pilbara region’s primacy as the source of China’s seemingly...

Pilbara Prospects 2020: Challenges and Threats to Regional Security

Download PDF Analysis The economic and social profile of the Pilbara will continue to increase in complexity over the coming decade[1]. Bolstered by vast infrastructure projects, a growing population and a highly efficient, interdependent and maturing economic profile the region’s future seems ostensibly secure. Existing and future vulnerabilities, however, have the potential to destabilise the region,...

Northern Australia Welcomes End of La Niña

Background The end of the capricious La Niña weather pattern will provide ecological stability for Northern Australia. Comment According to climate models surveyed by the Bureau of Meteorology, La Niña, or “the girl” in Spanish, the weather phenomenon responsible for flooding and increased cyclonic activity over Northern Australia, has begun to dissipate. Since the beginning...

Pilbara Prospects 2020: Developments and Challenges for the Region

Download PDF Summary The Pilbara Cities vision represents a unique and ambitious project. Government and industry have demonstrated a dedication to the development of the region with significant financial and political outlays. Bolstered by the State Government’s Royalties for Regions and resource developments, the economic and demographic profile of the Pilbara to 2020 seems ostensibly secure.  For the Pilbara...

Expansion of Pilbara Ports to Power Region’s Economy

25 November 2010 | Northern Australia & Land Care

Download PDF    Summary The ongoing strategic importance of the Pilbara region's ports is highlighted by announcements made throughout 2010 by major resource companies on the expansion and improvement of their export capacity. North West Australia’s climatic conditions and sometimes extreme weather events, such as the annual incidence of tropical cyclones, provide elements of risk...

Strategic Risk and North West Australia’s Critical Infrastructure

26 October 2010 | Northern Australia & Land Care

Download PDF Summary The Pilbara region is considered ‘the engine room of the Australian economy’.1 This region produces approximately twenty percent of Australia’s exports. According to Regional Development Australia, this is ‘made possible by 0.2 percent of the national population’. Onshore and offshore resource projects, such as Gorgon, Wheatstone and Pluto, continue unabated. The North...

The Impact of Skilled Labour Shortages on the Pilbara Region

17 September 2010 | Northern Australia & Land Care

Download PDF Summary The minerals and energy industry continues to make a significant contribution to employment and wider economic activity in the communities of regional Australia, and to governments directly through taxes and royalties. Skilled labour shortages, however, will continue to have an impact on the nation’s future growth and development prospects, especially in the...

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