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COP 24: Continuing the Climate Change Dialogue

Co-ordinating international efforts in response to climate change is fundamental to enabling the world to plan and adapt for the future. Recognising and encouraging leadership from developing countries and inclusivity through gender-equality, will best demonstrate progress towards global goals.

Exercise KAKADU and the People’s Republic of China

Australia continues its delicate balancing act between Washington and Beijing.

Waste Plastics and Micro-plastics: Their Effects on the Terrestrial Environment

While environmental damage caused by plastic waste in the marine environment continues to draw public attention, governments, businesses and the broader community must also consider the effects of waste produced from single-use plastics on land.

United Nations Charts Course in Global Challenge of Marine Litter and Micro-plastics

The continued increase in the quantity of marine plastic waste and micro-plastics is the focus of growing international concern. The UN is continuing to encourage and facilitate action towards understanding and dealing with the causes of the problem and its impacts on the marine environment.

Space Law: Australian Opportunities and Responsibilities

The next International Law Association Congress, to be held in Sydney in August, signals an opportunity for Australia to assume a key leadership role in deliberating and defining developments in space law.

Remediating Polluted Soils: The Focus of International Attention

Rather than clearing more land for agricultural purposes, soils polluted and degraded by industrial use, must be remediated and brought back to health to feed the growing global population.

Blast Fishing in the Indian Ocean

Globally, illegal fishing activities are decimating fish stocks and other marine life. Simultaneously, they are creating marine waste and causing long-term environmental damage.

Northern Australia: The Ghost Net Threat

Marine debris, ranging from plastic shopping bags and bottles to commercial fishing equipment, constitutes a significant environmental threat to Australia. New legislation, supported by technology is needed to reduce the risk.

Carbon Farming on Western Australian Rangelands

Western Australia’s extensive northern rangelands have the potential to significantly contribute to economic and environmental sustainability, but changes to policy and legislation governing pastoral rangelands are needed.

Will Indonesia Decide to Revisit the Maritime Boundary with Australia?

With the maritime boundary dispute between Australia and Timor-Leste now resolved, Indonesia may use that settlement as the catalyst to dispute its current boundary with Australia in pursuit of a similar arrangement.

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