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Chinese Diplomacy Takes the Cake

Chinese diplomacy, which has been losing traction in recent times, now appears to be devolving at an accelerated pace. That can only isolate China further.

Bangladesh a Winner in India-China Rivalry but Water Dispute Settlement is Still a Long Way Off

Although India is keen to grant concessions to Bangladesh to keep it from China’s sphere of influence, domestic politics have prevented New Delhi from solving the long-standing water-sharing dispute with Dhaka.

The Test of ASEAN Centrality

ASEAN’s struggle to remain a neutral force for the advancement of regional interests has been tested by the ambitions of major external powers. To survive as a cohesive unit, ASEAN may be forced to consider evicting some of its weakest members in the near future.

Indonesian and US Defence Ministers Meet

While there was no single significant outcome from the meeting, it nonetheless highlights the growing importance of Indonesia to the United States and pragmatism from Indonesia’s Government in keeping Washington onside.

Voters in Seychelles Head to the Polls

In what would be a first, Seychellois voters may decide to reward an energised opposition by electing a president from a party other than that which has governed since independence.

The Search for Peace Continues in Afghanistan

The steps towards peace will be undermined by the Afghan Taliban, who are not sufficiently enlightened to recognise the benefits that the Constitution can bring to the country in the long run.

US-Iran Relations: The “Great Satan” Should Soften Its Rhetoric

In light of growing public dissatisfaction within Iran and the subsequent unrest that is enveloping its leadership, the country’s deteriorating economic situation and the international community’s preference for a diplomatic settlement with Tehran, the US may better serve its interests by adopting a less confrontational stance towards the Islamic Republic.

Quad Forum Under Pressure to Evolve

Strategic interests are now more aligned under the revived Quad strategic dialogue raising speculations of a possible structured military alliance in the coming years.

New Caledonia says “Non” to Independence … For Now

In the second Noumea Accords referendum on independence, New Caledonians voted by a margin of 6.6 per cent to remain part of France, but the record voter turnout and narrowing margin between “yes” and “no” points towards an even closer final referendum in 2022.

COVID-19 Reinforces South Korea’s Southern Pivot

Implementing practical co-operative projects to assist in dealing with the pandemic could help South Korea realise its goal to be a strategic partner in Southeast Asia.

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