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Global Food and Water Crises SWA Articles

Action Call on Pending Global Water Crisis

Background A new panel is being established to address a serious void in leadership on global water issues. Twenty former heads of government from around the world met in Quebec City, Canada, on 31 May to consider the world water crisis. While several recommendations were adopted, implementation may be hampered because of the absence from...

E.Coli Outbreak Undermines European Food Security

Background The recent E.Coli outbreak across Europe, which has resulted in as many as 22 deaths, illustrates some of the many challenges to food security in a globalised world. Food security is not just an issue of quantity and availability but also of quality. It is a problem that is also faced by the developed...

Fear for Riots after New Food Price Highs

Background On 19 May 2011, the Chicago Board of Trade indicated that wheat futures rose to US$8.17 per bushel – a 91 per cent increase in less than a year. It is feared that riots in developing countries will be a consequence of the rising food prices. This is not necessarily the end of the...

Mining Undermines South African SKA Bid

Background The South African Government’s bid to build the $2.5 billion Square Kilometre Array (SKA) telescope could be undermined by the effects of a mining technique known as “fracking”. These concerns play into the hands of Western Australian Premier Colin Barnett as he travels to Europe this week to promote WA’s bid for the project,...

Chinese Admit Three Gorges Dam Failures

Background                                            The Chinese Government has issued a statement admitting that the $23 billion Three Gorges hydro electric dam project is leading to deterioration in the ecology of the region and is vulnerable to geological disasters. The managers of the dam are confronted with conflicting demands for the water, while trying to return profits to their...

A Step Towards An Eco-Friendly Lifestyle In Tanzania

Background Tanzania is currently looking at developing a group of eco-villages with the financial support of the European Commission. Eco-villages are communities designed with the aim of promoting ecological, social and economic sustainability. To support the country’s efforts, the Commission launched the Global Climate Change Alliance in Tanzania on 26 October 2010. Tom Vens, the...

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