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UAE and Israel Discuss Closer Co-operation in Food and Water Security

After normalising diplomatic relations, the UAE and Israel could both stand to benefit from closer collaboration in agricultural and water research and development.

Pakistani Food Security Still Precarious After Lockdown

Although Pakistan appears to be past the worst of the economic turmoil of lockdown, history points towards a food security situation that, unfortunately, is likely to worsen.

Zimbabwe’s Troubles Continue to Mount as Drought Hits Drinking Water

Drinking water shortages in urban areas are a symptom of a wider economic disaster unfolding in Zimbabwe.

China Struggles with Food Supply Following a Summer of Disaster

Xi Jinping exhorts citizens to avoid wasting food as supply falters and prices soar.

Beirut Explosion Highlights the Critical State of Lebanese Food Security

The destruction of a major port and grain silo has drawn attention to Lebanon’s spiralling food insecurity situation.

Miners Come Under Pressure Over Allegations of Unsustainable Water Use in Chile

An analysis by the Chilean Government suggests that copper and lithium miners are overdrawing water from the Salar de Atacama, frustrating efforts to further develop the mining industry in the country. Desalination and changes to mining and processing methods could present a way forward.

India: Mumbai Water Supply Levels Decline for a Third Year

While the annual monsoon will replenish the urban water supply, persistently low year-to-year water levels ahead of the monsoon suggest that the city could face a severe water crisis at some point in the next few years.

Floods in China Threaten Supply Chains for Critical Goods

Some of the most severe floods in decades are likely to slow supply chains in China. That could disrupt the supply of personal protective equipment, which is necessary for combatting Covid-19.

Food Security Continues to Decline as Crises Mount

Food insecurity has risen for another consecutive year. Ongoing conflicts, climate change and the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic make it likely that the situation will continue to deteriorate this year.

Nepal Faces an Unenviable Situation as COVID-19 Precautions Deal a Blow to Food Security

As migrant workers are forced home and incomes are lost, years of food security progress are being undone in Nepal.

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