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Food Security Continues to Decline as Crises Mount

Food insecurity has risen for another consecutive year. Ongoing conflicts, climate change and the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic make it likely that the situation will continue to deteriorate this year.

Nepal Faces an Unenviable Situation as COVID-19 Precautions Deal a Blow to Food Security

As migrant workers are forced home and incomes are lost, years of food security progress are being undone in Nepal.

Nile Water Sharing Agreement Remains Elusive, Despite Mutual Interest in Reaching One

Unless a diplomatic breakthrough occurs within the next few weeks, it is likely that Ethiopia will start to fill the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam without a transboundary water sharing agreement. The lack of an agreement will make it difficult to govern the water resources of the Nile basin.

Water Sharing Tensions Between Iran and Afghanistan Still High as Droughts Ease

While Afghanistan’s destructive 2018-19 drought has now eased, Kabul remains unwilling to negotiate with Iran over water-sharing, to Tehran’s displeasure.

New Covid-19 Outbreak in Beijing Linked to Food Market

A cluster of Covid-19 cases at the Xinfadi wholesale food market in Beijing will place increased pressure on Chinese officials to impose more stringent regulations on wet markets.

How Syria’s Economic Difficulties have Caused a Food Crisis

A complex economic crisis has taken hold in Syria, causing increased food insecurity and placing pressure on the Assad regime.

The Fallout from the Covid-19 Pandemic has Created a Food Security Crisis Among India’s Poorest

As India starts to lift lockdown restrictions, the country’s poorest are the most affected by unprecedented unemployment and a contracting economy.

Indian Food Security is Unlikely to be Threatened by Locust Outbreak

The locust outbreak is unlikely to significantly affect Indian food security, as most of the winter crop has been harvested and food stockpiles remain high. If nothing is done to control the spread of locusts, however, the next generation could threaten summer crops.

Pakistan’s Wheat and Sugar Scandal Leaves Imran Khan Exposed

Amid a series of policy failures, a scandal surrounding wheat and sugar price fixing is another blow to Imran Khan’s now uncertain political career.

Australia-China Trade Dispute: Has Australia Become too Reliant on the Chinese Market?

By imposing tariffs on Australian barley and suspending some beef imports, China is using the trade relationship to send a political message. It is clear that the Australia-China relationship has changed over the last decade and Australia can no longer rely on the relationship to the same degree that it has in the past.

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