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The Politicisation of Australian Agricultural Trade with China Suggests that New Export Markets Need to be Cultivated

Beijing imposed trade bans and tariffs on some of the most valuable Australian agricultural exports in 2020. While those exports remained steady in the first half of the year, the latest trade data suggests that they have begun to sharply decline and will continue to face headwinds for the foreseeable future. Beijing has shown that…

Lebanon: A Fractured Nation with a Chequered History and a Troubled Future

In this paper, FDI Visiting Fellow Saloni Salil explores the ramifications of the massive ammonium nitrate blast that recently rocked Beirut, and which has brought to the fore – and exacerbated – the ongoing political crisis in Lebanon. To read this paper in full, on the APO website, click here

The COVID-19 pandemic draws attention to vulnerabilities in the global food system

The global food system has performed better than first anticipated during the Covid-19 pandemic. In the early stages, several large food exporting countries threatened to place barriers on the international trade of food. They have largely refrained from doing so, however, supporting international food security. The sharp economic shock and rapid rise in unemployment, however,…

Global Water Supply and Demand Trends Point Towards Rising Water Insecurity

Global water demand is expected to continue to rise over the next 30 years and natural water supplies will probably be insufficient to meet that demand in some parts of the world. Water conservation remains the best option to reduce water stress, but it is not always a viable option. Managed aquifer recharge, water recycling…

Trump and Trumpism: The Creation of a Legacy?

In a paper that will also form the basis for a future examination of the foreign policy priorities of a possible second-term Trump Administration, FDI Senior Research Analyst Lindsay Hughes explores why many ordinary US citizens may decide to vote for President Trump in the forthcoming presidential election. To read this paper in full, on…

Suicide in Rural and Remote Australia: Mental Health Strategies cannot effectively Operate in Isolation

The incidence of suicide among people located in Australia’s rural and remote regions is increasing. Alarmingly, suicide rates of young Indigenous males are far in excess of the national average. National and State governments need to work together to implement the policies and strategies that have already been identified to address the unfortunate and disturbing…

Climate Change Threats to Food and Water Security on Pacific Atolls

Climate change is expected to pose significant threats to the small, low-lying countries of the South Pacific. Atoll countries, such as Kiribati, Tuvalu and the Marshall Islands, are particularly at risk. Sea-level rise, more powerful wave activity and higher flood risk is likely to pose a threat to those countries’ food and water security. As…

The Kartarpur Corridor initiative: can it be a corridor of peace and prosperity in South Asia?

This paper explores the possible implications of the recently-opened Kartarpur Corridor, between India and Pakistan. The Corridor has immense significance for the Sikh Community, which has long wanted easier access to its important shrines in Pakistan. To view this paper in full, on the APO website, click here

Sino-Indian Relations in the Indian Ocean: Conflict or Convergence?

China and India both rely on foreign sources of energy, which are imported via the Indian Ocean, for their development. To safeguard those imports (and their exports, which also traverse the Indian Ocean), the two countries have enlarged and modernised their navies, thereby leading to the perception of the Indian Ocean as a contested space….

Chinese and Australian Interests in Timor-Leste: At Odds or Mutually Beneficial?

2 December 2019 | FDI in the News: Australia

Prime Minister Scott Morrison touched down in Timor-Leste in August 2019, for his first visit to the country since taking office. While there, Morrison announced a fresh start for the bilateral relationship following a messy maritime boundary conciliation process which concluded the previous year.

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