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Myanmar’s Latest Coup: What is to be Done?

Writing that Myanmar has always had the capacity to surprise, Dr Selth explores the motivations and implications of the coup d’état launched by the country’s military, the Tatmadaw. Dr Selth notes that the international community has never been able to agree on the best approach towards Myanmar, with policies ranging over the years from tough…

Too Many Eggs in the Dragon’s Basket? Part Two: Diversifying Australia’s Export Base

Having taken stock of Australia’s trading relationship with China to pose the question of whether Canberra has become too dependent on Beijing as an export destination, Mr Hull now draws on his experience as a former Austrade Senior Trade Commissioner to assess the strengths and weaknesses of Australia’s exporting model, the feasibility of reducing the trade reliance on China…

Too Many Eggs in the Dragon’s Basket? Part One: Australia’s Reliance on Exports to China

In this paper, FDI Associate Greg Hull takes stock of Australia’s trading relationship with China to pose the question of whether, in the wake of the tariffs and restrictions placed on a number of Australian exports by the Chinese authorities, Australia has become too dependent on China as an export destination. To view this paper in…

Dishing the Dirt: Australia’s Move to Store Carbon in Soil is a Problem for Tackling Climate Change

To slow climate change, humanity has two main options: reduce greenhouse gas emissions directly or find ways to remove them from the atmosphere. Storing carbon in soil is often touted as a promising way to offset greenhouse gas emissions. There is, however, a catch. This Paper offers a critique of this strategy and finds that…

Wildfires, greenhouse gas emissions and climate change

Until recently, carbon released into the atmosphere from wildfires was not considered a significant component of atmospheric greenhouse gas as it was assumed that over the climatic cycle this carbon would be returned to vegetative re-growth. In Australia this may well be the case. Globally, however, a growing body of evidence suggests that carbon produced…

Perspectives on Papua: Will Indonesia Loosen its Grip?

In this paper, FDI Research Analyst Jarryd de Haan assesses the prospects for any moves towards independence in the two Papuan provinces, noting that the issue is likely to reignite as Indonesia renews its autonomy laws for the region. Even as Bougainville makes progress in its push for independence, the prospects for West Papua’s independence…

Beyond China: Alternative markets for Australian farmers

For years Australian farmers have enjoyed secure and growing exports to China but the trade situation has now deteriorated with bans, tariffs, rejections and legal challenges. Mervyn Piesse assesses the situation and explains why it’s time to diversify and develop alternative markets. To listen to this interview, in full, on ABC Radio, click here

Chinese Imports of US Farm Goods Remain Robust in the Face of Deteriorating Relations

The United States and China reaffirmed their commitment to the Phase One Trade Agreement last month. While Beijing is unlikely to import the amount of US goods that it agreed to in that deal, it has increased the volume of US agricultural goods that it is importing. There are fears of rising food insecurity in…

The Politicisation of Australian Agricultural Trade with China Suggests that New Export Markets Need to be Cultivated

Beijing imposed trade bans and tariffs on some of the most valuable Australian agricultural exports in 2020. While those exports remained steady in the first half of the year, the latest trade data suggests that they have begun to sharply decline and will continue to face headwinds for the foreseeable future. Beijing has shown that…

Lebanon: A Fractured Nation with a Chequered History and a Troubled Future

In this paper, FDI Visiting Fellow Saloni Salil explores the ramifications of the massive ammonium nitrate blast that recently rocked Beirut, and which has brought to the fore – and exacerbated – the ongoing political crisis in Lebanon. To read this paper in full, on the APO website, click here

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  • Associate papers are primary source assessments written by FDI associates. The assessment topics range from regional bilateral relationships and opportunities and challenges in our neighbouring countries.

  • Feature interviews are interviews conducted by an FDI Research Manager. Interview topics range from the sustainability of our planet to the improved provision of emergency food aid.

  • Normally issued in hardcopy, these represent a comprehensive study of one of FDI’s four research areas.

  • Strategic alerts are priority current intelligence items. We provide these alerts when events such as military deployments or foreign election results occur.

  • A 1500 to 3000 word, single topic assessment.

  • A number of short articles addressing current intelligence topics, issued each week.

  • A record of discussions resulting from a single, or series of, roundtable conferences.

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