Workshop Series: International Conflict Triggers and Potential Conflict Points Resulting from Food and Water Insecurity

15 March 2012 FDI Team

The workshops are being held in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. Looking out to 2020, they will focus on the strategic objectives and interrelationships of India, China and the United States as they relate to the Indian Ocean region, and make judgements about the implications for Australia.

Attending the workshops will be representatives from defence, business, academic and government sectors. The findings of the workshops will be released as FDI Workshop Reports and will be available for download from the FDI website.

The purpose of the roundtables is to determine:

How might food and water security issues result in intra- and inter- state conflict?

When and where might they occur?

In answering these questions the following sub-questions will be considered:

1.            What distribution and logistical impediments could hamper the supply of food to where it is needed? What is the nature of these impediments?

2.            What role does trade relations through tariffs and subsidies play in the distribution of food and water?

3.            What impact does food and water ownership have on the availability and distribution of these essential items?

4.            How can we determine where future conflicts might occur?

5.            When and where might such conflicts occur?

The workshops will be chaired by FDI’s CEO and Institute Director, Major General John Hartley, AO (Rtd).

Enquiries regarding the workshops can be made to Gary Kleyn: [email protected]

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