What is Regenerative Agriculture? Declan McDonald

6 August 2020 Declan McDonald, FDI Associate Download PDF


FDI invites you to follow the link below to view a series of eight videos focusing on the key principles of regenerative agriculture. The videos are hosted and narrated by senior soil scientist Declan McDonald of SESL Australia.


Soil scientist Declan McDonald has hosted a series of eight short videos articulating the key principles of Regenerative Agriculture. Topics covered include introducing regenerative agriculture, minimising soil disturbance, maximising crop diversity, keeping soil covered, maintaining living roots systems year-round, integrating livestock and trees and how farmers can transition to regenerative agriculture.

As Charles Massy, author of Call of the Reed Warbler, states ‘regenerative agriculture is an ecological approach to farming that allows landscapes to renew themselves’. It promotes ethical land stewardship that revitalises the natural water cycle, improves the carbon cycle and promotes biodiversity in soil.

This video project is supported by Bass Coast Landcare Network, South Gippsland Landcare Network, Mornington Peninsula Shire and Western Port Catchment Landcare Network through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program and Port Phillip and Westernport Catchment Management Authority.

Video Link:

What is Regenerative Agriculture.

About the Author

Declan is a Senior Soil Scientist who works across industries including horticulture, agriculture, arboriculture, contaminated lands and organic recycling. In his role he supports a diverse range of professionals from farmers to urban designers to composters and engineers.

With over 30 years experience in agricultural, horticultural, recreational and amenity soil management Declan has a strong capacity to communicate the most complex soil issues in a way that opens this fascinating world to all.

He has worked for three state governments most recently as Principal Land Management Officer in Tasmania, and as Specialist Productive Soils with the Victorian state government. He left the public service in May 2014 to open an office for SESL in Victoria.

He holds a B.Sc in Horticulture (UTS) and a Master of Sustainable Agriculture (Soils) (University of Sydney). In addition he holds an Associate Diploma in Horticulture (Nursery Management), a Graduate Certificate in Ecotourism, and a Graduate Certificate in Climate Change.

Certified Professional Soil Scientist (CPSS) – Soil Science Australia.

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