‘We Can’t Waste a Drop.’ India is Running Out of Water

26 August 2019

The Ladakh region of northern India is one of the world’s highest, driest inhabited places. For centuries, meltwater from winter snows in the Himalayan mountains sustained the tiny villages dotting this remote land.


“Until now, it’s been relatively easy to increase supply without thinking too much about demand. But parts of India are beginning to hit the natural limits of water supply,” said Mervyn Piesse, manager of the global food and water crises research program at Future Directions International, a research institute based in Australia. “Unless there is a reduction in the rate at which those resources are being used, they are eventually going to run out.”

Beset by the multitude of water problems, Prime Minister Narendra Modi began his second term recently by appointing a ministry of water, combining previous ministries that oversaw wetlands and riverways development and drinking water and sanitation.

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