The Pilbara Region’s Future Security Needs

8 February 2011 FDI Team

This workshop will focus on 'The Pilbara Region's Future Security Needs'.

This video conference workshop will be conducted between venues in Perth, Port Hedland and Karratha.

This workshop will again bring together representatives from industry, academia, State, Federal and Local government. The purpose for this workshop is to inform the Australian government and its people of the strategic needs and requirements for Western Australia's Pilbara region by 2020.

Topics for discussion at this workshop will include 'what are the current threats, risks and vulnerabilities, both onshore and offshore?' as well as 'How will the best security outcomes be achieved?'

This event will be chaired by FDI's CEO and Institute Director, Major-General (Retired) John Hartley, AO. Enquiries regarding this workshop can be made to Gavin Briggs at [email protected]

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