The 20th Australian HACCP Conference

25 July 2013 FDI Team

The 20th Australian HACCP Conference hosted by SAI Global in August will feature an in-depth discussion on the potential global food and water crisis created by a growing population. higher demand for fresh water and increasing loss of arable land.

The 20th Australian HACCP Conference is one of Australia’s most significant food safety forums. Each year the HACCP Conference attracts delegates involved in the development, implementation and maintenance of food safety programs across manufacturing, food services, food science, produce and retail. The 2013 conference will address current issues such as regulatory change, international policy implementation and technology developments.

Major General John Hartley AO will discuss Australia’s role in helping alleviate the possible crisis by altering its current policy. As CEO of Future Directions International (FDI), John enhances strategic decisions at senior levels of Australia’s public and private sectors.

At the Melbourne event, John will discuss the importance of growing more produce in Australia in addition to a clarified food policy that incorporates reasons why Australia needs a viable agricultural and pastoral sector.

John’s recommended policy changes include incorporating a target to feed Australia’s projected population, recognition of the security and social implications of immigrants, assurance of economic advantages to Australia, a reflection of the relative wealth of the nation, and a stronger focus on Australia’s north.

At the HACCP Conference, John will also take an in-depth look at the major issues leading to the potential crisis such as a growing population that is expected to increase 35-40% by 2050; increased demand for fresh water with the world requiring an additional 40% more water by 2030; and the loss of arable land with around 25% of the earth’s land so degraded, food cannot grow on it.

Other speakers at the event include Greg Warren, Foodbank Australia GM, who will be discussing quality food supply in times of individual and community crisis; and Bill McBride, FoodLink Management Services MD (and SQF Institute chairman), who will provide an update on the work of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

SAI Global would like to invite media interested in covering the event to attend at no cost.

The 20th Australian HACCP Conference will take place at Pier Docklands, Melbourne on 27-29 August 2013.

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