Global Land Limitations Roundtable

18 March 2011 FDI Team

This roundtable, to be held in Perth, will focus on global land limitations and availability in meeting future agricultural needs.
Attending the roundtable will be representatives from industry, academia and state government. The purpose for this workshop is to determine: What impact will land availability have in meeting the anticipated additional demands for food, resulting from increases in population and demand for higher protein food, between now and 2050?
In answering this question the following sub-questions will be considered


  1. What is the likely increased demand for food between now and 2050 and where and when are these changes most likely to occur?
  2. How do we define arable land, recognising different productivity levels?
  3. How might science and technology, education and management practices affect the availability of arable land?
  4. What impact will access to water, urbanisation and climate change have on the availability of arable land?
  5. What impact will forestation policies have, given the likely linkage between global warming and the decrease in areas under forestation?
  6. What is the availability of arable land in terms of where it might be and over what timeframe, will there be a shortfall and, if so, what impact might this have on food production?

This event will be chaired by FDI's CEO and Institute Director, Major-General (Retired) John Hartley, AO.
Future roundtables on this subject may be held in other capital cities.
The next topic for consideration is that of the global demand and supply of food and is likely to start in July 2011.
Enquiries regarding this workshop can be made to Gary Kleyn at [email protected]

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