FDI Roundtables on Global Food Supply and Demand to 2050

15 July 2011 FDI Team

FDI's Global Food and Water Crises Research Programme is hosting invitation-only research roundtables, 19-21 July 2011.

The roundtables are being held in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra and will focus on global food supply and demand to 2050.

Attending the roundtables will be representatives from industry, academia and state governments. The purpose of the roundtables is to determine:

What are some of the food issues that the world faces and what threats and opportunities exist for countries like Australia?


In answering this question the following sub-questions will be considered:

-What is the quantity, composition and sustainability of world food produced and how significant is Australia’s production?

-What is the ratio between foods consumed and produced in different regions around the globe? Where are the discrepancies the highest?

-How do the prices of basic commodity groups vary around the world and what role can Australia play, if any, in determining prices for food?

-Is Australia able to manipulate world production? Or is Australia’s production dependent and reactionary to international food supply?

-What are the opportunities of adding vitamins to food, use GM crops, and using other means to provide nutrition such as adding to water ply and finding substitutes?

A series of papers will be published which will outline some of the issues that are raised at the roundtables.

These events will be chaired by FDI's CEO and Institute Director, Major-General (Retired) John Hartley, AO.

Future roundtables on this subject may be held in other capital cities.

The next topic for consideration will be considering the science and technology advances in addressing future food and water crises and is likely to commence in October 2011.

Enquiries regarding these roundtables can be made to Gary Kleyn at [email protected]

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