Can we Naturally and Safely Cool the Planet?

21 May 2020 Christopher Johns, Research Manager, Northern and Rural Australia Research Programme Download PDF


As an FDI Associate you are invited to follow the link below to view an advance release of a video interview of the climate scientist and soil microbiologist, Walter Jehne, by Katja Hesse. The video was produced, directed, filmed and edited by Stephen Curtain.


Climate change is happening, and its effects are being felt in the daily lives of people around the world. Debate on the issue has shifted from the reality of its very existence to how fast is it happening, how far will it go and what can we do about it. The potential immensity of the problem can be overwhelmingly daunting, particularly to those whose future could be most affected by it.

FDI is very pleased to be able to make available to FDI Associates an advanced release of a video interview conversation between Katja Hesse and Walter Jehne. The video was produced principally in response to the most recent bushfire events on the east coast of Australia and has been submitted to the Royal Commission into Natural Disaster Arrangements. It also provides, however, a strategy for cooling the planet and regenerating our soils.

The video may undergo further minor editing before its ultimate public release with Australian National Botanical Gardens.

Video Link:

Fire vs Fungi: Our Choice to Cool the Planet Naturally and in Time.

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