1.5 Track Defence Strategic Dialogue between Australia and India

6 August 2012 FDI Team


The Australian Department of Defence, together with Future Directions International, held the inaugural 1.5 Track Defence Strategic Dialogue between Australia and India in Perth, on the 19th and 20th July.

The Dialogue was held over two days with a reception held on the first evening. The 1.5 Track Dialogue is intended to establish a form of regular contact between senior representatives from India and Australia.   The Perth meeting is the first occasion, which saw a number of senior officials from both countries come together, for what is hoped will occur on an annual basis.  This will seek to ensure a greater understanding of the strategic direction of the armed forces of both countries, leading to greater cooperation to satisfy their common interests.Some eight delegates from each country attended.  Future Directions International, Chairman, Major General Michael Jeffery, chaired the first day of the two-day event.  Apart from the delegates, additional guests were invited to the evening function


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