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The Impact of Skilled Labour Shortages on the Pilbara Region

17 September 2010 | Northern Australia & Land Care
Download PDF Summary The minerals and energy industry continues to make a significant contribution to employment and wider economic activity in the communities of regional Australia, and to governments directly through taxes and royalties. Skilled labour shortages, however, will continue to have an impact on the nation’s future growth and development prospects, especially in the...

Indian Ocean Research Programme – Invitation Only 15 September 2010

15 September 2010 | Media and Events
Venue: National Trust of Australia, 4 Havelock Street, West Perth (08) 9321 6088 If you would like further information and would like to attend email FDI: [email protected] or telephone +61 (0) 8 9486 1046.   About Emanuele Ottolenghi Dr. Emanuele Ottolenghi is a Senior Fellow at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies. From 2006...

Indian Ocean Workshop – Invitation Only 14 September 2010

14 September 2010 | Media and Events
FDI’s Indian Ocean Research Programme proudly hosted on 14 September 2010 the first of a series of invitation-only research workshops as part of a Landmark Study titled ‘Major Power Intentions in the Indian Ocean Region’. The study will concentrate on the strategic intentions (stated and perceived) and the inter-relationship of the three major powers in...

Friday 3 September 2010, Pakistan High Commissioner

2 September 2010 | Media and Events
Much of Australia’s external focus has centred on the Pacific, Southeast and Eastern Asia. With its developing wealth, increasing population, evolving trade and shipping capabilities and expanding geographic, political and security significance, however, the Indian Ocean and its littoral states will play an increasingly important role in Australia’s future. Her Excellency joined the Foreign Service...

Wednesday 1 September, Address by Greek Ambassador Alexios G. Christopoulos

23 August 2010 | Media and Events
Wednesday 1 September, Address by Greek Ambassador Alexios G. ChristopoulosAn address by Greek Ambassador Alexios G. Christopoulos The Global Financial Crisis: Europe and Greece in Particular Greece faces a lengthy period of recession as it tries to slash its deficit. There are also fears that the Greek problem could spread to other eurozone countries and...

Invitation Only – Dr Daniel Pipes 20 August 2010

16 August 2010 | Media and Events
  A graduate of Harvard University, with a BA and PhD in history, Dr Pipes’ influence on the public debate is widely acknowledged. He has been recognised as one of Harvard’s 100 most influential living graduates and has taught at Harvard, Princeton, Chicago, the US Naval War College and Pepperdine. He has held two presidential...

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  • Associate papers are primary source assessments written by FDI associates. The assessment topics range from regional bilateral relationships and opportunities and challenges in our neighbouring countries.

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  • Normally issued in hardcopy, these represent a comprehensive study of one of FDI’s four research areas.

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  • A record of discussions resulting from a single, or series of, roundtable conferences.

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