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Ethiopia Accused of Weaponising Food in Tigrayan Conflict

While it is difficult to prove the allegation that Addis Ababa deliberately blocked the delivery of food aid, it is likely to tarnish the reputation of its reform-minded Prime Minister.

Whither US Africa Policy under the Biden Administration?

Confronted by serious domestic issues, the Biden Administration is likely to continue the Africa policy of its predecessor but, as that is framed largely through the lens of China’s presence on the continent, it may become necessary for Washington to finesse its Africa policy sooner rather than later.

Sino-Indian Confidence-Building Measures: A Waste of Time

China’s duplicitous breaches of the terms of the agreements that it has entered into with India are one consequence of India’s failed policy of strategic autonomy.

Too Many Eggs in the Dragon’s Basket? Part Two: Diversifying Australia’s Export Base

Having taken stock of Australia’s trading relationship with China to pose the question of whether Canberra has become too dependent on Beijing as an export destination, Mr Hull now draws on his experience as a former Austrade Senior Trade Commissioner to assess the strengths and weaknesses of Australia’s exporting model, the feasibility of reducing the trade reliance on China…

Vale Major General The Honourable Michael Jeffery, AC, AO (Mil), CVO, MC (Retd).

The Founder, Chairman and Patron of Future Directions International, Major General The Honourable Michael Jeffery, AC, AO (Mil), CVO, MC (Retd), sadly passed away in December of last year. One of his many legacies, that will continue to touch the lives of Australians, was his dedication to the regeneration of the landscape. To acknowledge his contribution FDI is today publishing a Feature Interview with General Jeffery in his role as National Advocate of Soil Health.
From 2012 to very shortly before his passing, General Jeffery strove to provide leadership and national strategic direction to the good work being done by soil scientists and landscape managers across Australia. He worked tirelessly to raise public awareness of the critical role soil plays in underpinning sustainable productivity and helping to meet global challenges, including food and water security and climate change.

Water Storage Projected to Decline by Two-Thirds as Climate Changes

A study finds that the southern hemisphere will be especially at risk as terrestrial water storage falls, increasing the risk of violence within states.

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