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Rick Wilson Federal Member for O’Connor and Chairman of the House of Representative Standing Committee for Agriculture and Water Resources

Mr Rick Wilson is the Federal member for the electorate of O’Connor, an electorate that covers a large area of Western Australia. He is currently the Chairman of the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Agriculture and Water Resources. He is also a member of the Parliamentary Friends of Soil. Recently, FDI took the opportunity to interview Rick about these organisations and Australian agriculture and water resources generally.

Indonesian and US Defence Ministers Meet

While there was no single significant outcome from the meeting, it nonetheless highlights the growing importance of Indonesia to the United States and pragmatism from Indonesia’s Government in keeping Washington onside.

Voters in Seychelles Head to the Polls

In what would be a first, Seychellois voters may decide to reward an energised opposition by electing a president from a party other than that which has governed since independence.

Syrian Food Security in Decline as Wheat Shortages Loom

Unprecedented challenges to Syria’s food security may worsen as the government struggles to procure wheat.

Beijing’s Great Game in the Indo-Pacific: Future Dynamics

The consequences of China’s increasingly assertive foreign policy are being felt globally, with the Indo-Pacific being the most-affected region. Beijing must understand, however, that the Indo-Pacific is a multipolar region and is too large and complex to be dominated by any one power. In fact, China’s actions in the Indo-Pacific are further driving the consolidation of the Quad.

State of Play: India’s Gulf Relations Amid Shifting Regional Ties

15 October 2020 | Associate Papers, Indian Ocean

India has solid bilateral relations with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, both of which have normalised their relations with Israel, and with Israel itself, aided by the shared right-wing political values of Prime Ministers Modi and Netanyahu. India’s juggling of those relationships and those with Iran and the United States, constitutes skilful relationship management.

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  • Associate papers are primary source assessments written by FDI associates. The assessment topics range from regional bilateral relationships and opportunities and challenges in our neighbouring countries.

  • Feature interviews are interviews conducted by an FDI Research Manager. Interview topics range from the sustainability of our planet to the improved provision of emergency food aid.

  • Normally issued in hardcopy, these represent a comprehensive study of one of FDI’s four research areas.

  • Strategic alerts are priority current intelligence items. We provide these alerts when events such as military deployments or foreign election results occur.

  • A 1500 to 3000 word, single topic assessment.

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  • A record of discussions resulting from a single, or series of, roundtable conferences.

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