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Indo-US defence cooperation: a confluence of strategic interests

2 August 2011
Comment Since the US intervention in Afghanistan, Indo-US relations have expanded and developed into what is now a strategic partnership. A significant facet of this relationship is in the sphere of defence co-operation, which has seen successive US governments sell high-tech arms and military equipment to the Indian military. The latest deal follows in the...

Starvation Stakes

1 August 2011
By Katherine Fleming, 23 July 2011 It sounds like mission impossible: to feed the world we need to produce as much food in the next 40 years as we did in the past 500, without using more land, water, energy or fertiliser, amid a rapidly growing population and against a background of climate change. It’s...

Defence could protect oil, gas industry

1 August 2011
By Max Blenkin, AAP Defence Correspondent 22 June 2011   More warships and combat aircraft could be based in western and northern Australia to provide frontline defence against terror or pirate attack on the booming oil and gas industry. Defence Minister Stephen Smith said a new review of the defence force's posture would ensure the...

Former Governor General warns of looming shortages

13 July 2011
Australia's former Governor General Michael Jeffery says the world is on the brink of a massive food and water shortage which global governments are largely unprepared for. Speaking at the Boao Forum for Asia conference in Perth, Major General Jeffery said there was increasing demand for water and suitable land for agriculture. He says this...

China-India rivalry in the Maldives

17 June 2011
China and the Maldives first established diplomatic relations in 1972. Since then, relations have gradually developed. More recently, Indian policy analysts referred to China’s soft power rise throughout South Asia as a “creeping expansionism”. They went so far as to accuse China of harboring ambitions to set up a submarine base facility in the Maldives....

China refutes Gwadar naval base conjecture

13 June 2011
Predictably, the remarks attracted international attention. They reinforced existing views among foreign commentators, who believe that China has intentions to build a series of naval bases in the Indian Ocean, which have been referred to as the “string of pearls”. Nonetheless, it should be equally emphasized that any analysis of Gwadar should be seen as...

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