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China-India rivalry in the Maldives

17 June 2011
China and the Maldives first established diplomatic relations in 1972. Since then, relations have gradually developed. More recently, Indian policy analysts referred to China’s soft power rise throughout South Asia as a “creeping expansionism”. They went so far as to accuse China of harboring ambitions to set up a submarine base facility in the Maldives....

China refutes Gwadar naval base conjecture

13 June 2011
Predictably, the remarks attracted international attention. They reinforced existing views among foreign commentators, who believe that China has intentions to build a series of naval bases in the Indian Ocean, which have been referred to as the “string of pearls”. Nonetheless, it should be equally emphasized that any analysis of Gwadar should be seen as...

A new man on the front line

2 June 2011
HE'S highly intelligent, a proven performer and a natural leader - qualities that make David Hurley, the soldier chosen to lead the Australian Defence Force, the obvious man for the job. He is ideally suited for the task of overseeing an enormous - and ill-starred - equipment acquisition program and has the qualifications for co-ordinating...

Why the Indian Ocean Matters

2 March 2011
However, the relative decline of US power in the region has left a void that is increasingly being filled by China and India, both eager to secure their position as major powerbrokers in global affairs. It’s this confluence of events and interests that’s starting to make strategic developments in the region particularly interesting right now....

Indian Ocean’s ‘Great Game’

31 January 2011
Due to the confluence of common strategic interests shared by the world's major powers, a new great game is emerging in the Indian Ocean region. Both China and India have fostered initiatives and forums to attract and project their power and influence. For instance, China has two main multilateral forums, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and...

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