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India urges Sri Lankan reconciliation with Tamils

13 February 2012

  Presenter: Joanna McCarthy. Speakers: S.M. Krishna, Indian External Affairs Minister; Serge DeSilva Runasinghe, Research Manager for South and West Asia. Future Directions International. 18 January 2012. See:

History repeating: Australian military power in the Cocos Islands

20 January 2012
  In the earliest days of World War I, Australia recorded its first major naval victory when HMAS Sydney sank the German light cruiser Emden off the Cocos Islands. Nearly a century later, the remote island and atoll group off the northwestern coast is again an area of major military importance. In late November 2011,...

Naturally, Serengeti holds answers as graziers win battle to save the land

1 December 2011
FOR former governor-general Michael Jeffery, the Murray-Darling Basin plan and carbon tax debate are side issues to the urgent task of transforming how Australian farmers manage the land. Major General Jeffery wants to prove that, done well, natural farming methods can satisfy the water needs of agriculture and the environment, improve farm productivity and lock...

Sri Lankan stability critical to New Delhi’s Indian Ocean ambitions

27 October 2011
    Although Sri Lanka’s relations with the US and the EU have remained strained since the end of the civil war, Sri Lanka’s relations with India, a key Western strategic partner, are stronger today than they have been since the 1970s. A recent meeting in May this year between Sri Lanka’s Minister of External...

Beijing and Xinjiang: long-term problems

14 September 2011
As China’s largest province, Xinjiang spans over 1.6 million square kilometres and amounts to one-sixth of China’s total land area. Indeed, the sheer size of the province makes it highly strategic, especially given that it shares a 5,600 km border with eight countries: Russia to the north, Mongolia to the northeast, Kazakhstan to the northwest,...

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