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Too Many Eggs in the Dragon’s Basket? Part Two: Diversifying Australia’s Export Base

21 January 2021

Having taken stock of Australia’s trading relationship with China to pose the question of whether Canberra has become too dependent on Beijing as an export destination, Mr Hull now draws on his experience as a former Austrade Senior Trade Commissioner to assess the strengths and weaknesses of Australia’s exporting model, the feasibility of reducing the trade reliance on China…

Too Many Eggs in the Dragon’s Basket? Part One: Australia’s Reliance on Exports to China

29 October 2020

In this paper, FDI Associate Greg Hull takes stock of Australia’s trading relationship with China to pose the question of whether, in the wake of the tariffs and restrictions placed on a number of Australian exports by the Chinese authorities, Australia has become too dependent on China as an export destination. To view this paper in…

Decoding Chinese Strategic Intent in the Standoff at the Line of Actual Control

15 October 2020

FDI Associate Major-General S. B. Asthana, SM, VSM (Veteran), examines the continuing Sino-Indian military posturing and muscle-flexing in the contested eastern Ladakh region. Maj-Gen. Asthana notes that, while diplomatic efforts to reduce tensions along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) are also continuing, India should insist on the proper delimitation and demarcation of the LAC,…

France Strengthens Partnership with India as First Rafale Fighters Delivered to IAF

15 October 2020

At a ceremony to hand over the first tranche of 36 Dassault Rafale fighter aircraft to the Indian Air Force, French Armed Forces Minister Florence Parly was clear about her country’s support for India as a primary strategic partner. To view this paper in full, on the South Asian Tribune website, click here

Dishing the Dirt: Australia’s Move to Store Carbon in Soil is a Problem for Tackling Climate Change

8 October 2020

To slow climate change, humanity has two main options: reduce greenhouse gas emissions directly or find ways to remove them from the atmosphere. Storing carbon in soil is often touted as a promising way to offset greenhouse gas emissions. There is, however, a catch. This Paper offers a critique of this strategy and finds that…

Wildfires, greenhouse gas emissions and climate change

29 September 2020

Until recently, carbon released into the atmosphere from wildfires was not considered a significant component of atmospheric greenhouse gas as it was assumed that over the climatic cycle this carbon would be returned to vegetative re-growth. In Australia this may well be the case. Globally, however, a growing body of evidence suggests that carbon produced…

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