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Indo-Russian Ties in the Age of Trump – Part Two: The Re-formation of the Partnership

The strong India-Russia relationship, having diminished, appears to be set to be revived because of changed international circumstances. Russia needs India’s economic strengths just as much as India needs Russia’s technological and strategic advantages. This mutual need can only see the bilateral relationship grow once again.

The Management of Soil Nutrients: Chemical Fertilisers or Not?

Large-scale industrial farming with a heavy reliance on chemical fertilisers is enabling agricultural to produce food on the scale necessary to feed the growing world population. It is also, however, degrading soil quality and the ever-increasing use of chemicals to support grossly over-harvested mono-cultures will never lead to environmental sustainability. Organic nutrient management has many environmental advantages but it currently has a productivity cost. What is the future of global agriculture?

Environmental Concerns Unlikely to Threaten Chinese Plans to Dredge Thai Mekong

Caleb Gorton, Research Assistant Future Directions International 10 May 2017 In his paper titled “Environmental Concerns Unlikely to Threaten Chinese Plans to Dredge Thai Mekong” Caleb Gorton, Research Assistant, the Global Food and Water Crises Programme, writes that China’s plan to dredge the Mekong River to improve access for larger cargo ships is another component of…

Timor-Leste: An Uncertain Future and an Unsettled Boundary

Jarryd de Haan, Research Analyst Future Directions International 23 February 2017 In his paper titled “Timor-Leste: An Uncertain Future and an Unsettled Boundary”Jarryd de Haan, Research Analyst, Indian Ocean Research Programme, looks into the issue of maritime boundary delimitation between Australia and Timor-Leste. Mr de Haan considers the current and probable future economic circumstances of Timor-Leste, together with…

Lindsay Hughes interview by Amanda Vanstone on India’s Foreign Policy

Lindsay Hughes, Research Analyst Future Directions International 20 February 2017 Lindsay Hughes, Research Analyst, Indian Ocean Research Programme, was interviewed by the ABC’s Amanda Vanstone on India’s Foreign Policy. The following questions were discussed: Narendra Modi promised a new era for India on the world stage, has he delivered? And what are the future prospects for…

The Indus Treaty Revisited: India-Pakistan Water Sharing

Mervyn Piesse, Research Manager Future Directions International 11 December 2016 In his paper titled “The Indus Treaty Revisited: India-Pakistan Water Sharing” Mervyn Piesse, Research Manager of the Global Food and Water Crises Programme, writes that Since the partition of the Sub-continent in 1947, water has been a divisive issue between India and Pakistan. The Indus Water…

India’s Complicated Military Platforms: A Recipe for Disaster?

New Delhi needs to attract and retain world-class research and development skills if it is to ensure its military can actually perform their intended functions.

Reforestation Projects Need to Consider Multiple Factors

Tree-planting projecsts to repair environmental damage and reforest denuded landscapes must consider multiple factors, not just the number and location of the trees .

Malaysian Prime Minister Faces Mounting Public Pressure

While public pressure against him slowly grows, the PM will use his party’s strong rural support base and new security legislation to retain control.

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