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Australia needs to be assured of sufficient energy resources to meet its requirements in the foreseeable future. What new and emerging changes in the form of types of energy and its production might occur over this period?

December in Paris – Determining the Future of the Planet: Associate Professor David Hodgkinson

Download PDF Key Points The Paris climate change conference aims at a global agreement to keep global warming to 2°C. The Paris conference is to draft a legal instrument applicable to all countries, both developed and developing. To restrict warming to less than 2°C, total emissions will have to be kept under a trillion tonnes...

A Proposal for the Improved Provision of Emergency Food Aid through Industry Engagement: Mario Casotti

Download PDF   Key Points Australia is committed to being a disaster relief provider for theregion. The impact of regional disasters is becoming more acute as climate-related events become more severe and frequent. The capacity may exist for improved government and private sector collaboration to more efficiently maintain and deliver food aid stock for regional...

South Africa: No End in Sight to Strained Electricity Grid

4 February 2015 | Other FDI Reports SWA Articles

The South African economy will continue to suffer as a result of unplanned power outages and the need for continued rolling stoppages. The crisis will deter foreign investors and may also render President Zuma’s ambitious plan for economic growth of five per cent by 2019 unachievable.   Background South African electricity supplier Eskom is struggling more...

Tanzania in Battle to Tackle Corruption that Hinders Energy Plans

3 December 2014 | Other FDI Reports SWA Articles

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC), formed to plug the haemorrhaging of public monies, has presented a report accusing key energy companies of malpractice. In response, the international community is threatening aid withdrawals if action is not taken, vindicating the warnings of PAC Chairman and opposition spokesman, Zitto Kabwe. Background Since independence, Tanzania has been dogged...

India Taking Steps to Transform its Coal Industry

26 November 2014 | Other FDI Reports SWA Articles

India plans to transform its coal industry with denationalisation and by confronting the corruption within the sector. The transformation is not complete, however, as the state continues to protect its virtual monopoly on this critically important, yet stagnant, sector. Background The Indian Supreme Court ruled on 24 September that 214 of the 218 coal blocks...

Falling Oil Prices Threaten Iran’s Nuclear Programme

5 November 2014 | Other FDI Reports SWA Articles

Falling oil prices and the threat of sanctions have given the P5+1 (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany) greater negotiating power in their talks with Iran. Iran needs to reach an agreement by 24 November to avoid further sanctions on its economy, which is already suffering from a combination of...

The Economic and Strategic Goals of Modi’s Energy Reforms

5 November 2014 | Other FDI Reports SWA Articles

The removal of India’s diesel subsidies caused a price drop, bringing it in line with global prices. On the other hand, increased gas prices will drive new capital investment and could be used to subsidise state-owned oil and gas projects, some of which are in the South China Sea. Background The global price of crude...

Coal Seam Gas Mining on Agricultural Land – The Fork in the Road for Australia’s ‘Transitional’ Economy?

5 November 2014 | Other FDI Reports SWA Articles

The recently-released Agricultural Competitiveness Green Paper outlines the concerns of farmers over the impact of mining operations in agricultural areas. As Coal Seam Gas (CSG) operations intensify in rural areas of Queensland and New South Wales, the federal government must back the paper’s commitment to protect the sustainability Australia’s farmland and water assets. Background CSG...

India Takes Steps to Transform its Coal Industry

29 October 2014 | Other FDI Reports SWA Articles

India plans to transform its coal industry by denationalising and eliminating the corruption within it. The transformation is not complete, however, with the state still protecting its virtual monopoly on this critically important yet stagnant sector. Background On 24 September the Indian Supreme Court ruled that 214 of the 218 coal blocks allocated to private...

Oil Oversupply Highlights Discord within OPEC

15 October 2014 | Other FDI Reports SWA Articles

Oversupply, slowing demand, a strong US dollar, and OPEC discord as to what to do about these factors are culminating in sliding oil prices. Wealthy Gulf states, including Saudi Arabia, will likely push to maintain current output and oil prices will continue to slide. Background The price of oil is at a multi-year low. A...

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