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The Development of Northern Australia: Reports of Demise May be Exaggerated

The Chief Minister of the Northern Territory appears increasingly pessimistic about the progress of initiatives to promote the development of Northern Australia. At this time, however, his lack of confidence may be premature.

What Marrakesh Can Learn from Paris: COP22 and the Need for a Realistic Climate Policy

The next meeting of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, COP22, is scheduled for November 2016 in Marrakesh. After the optimism of Paris, COP22 will be forced to face the challenge of converting the aspiration of COP 21 into reality.

Global Research Increasing to Reduce Domestic Livestock Emissions

The environmental threat posed by increasing levels of methane gas is the subject of investigation and research around the world in order to reduce the amounts of gas produced and emitted by domesticated livestock.

The Paris Climate Change Agreement and New York Ratification: A Loose Guideline or Urgent Climate Action?

The Paris Climate Change Agreement has brought about excitement bordering on euphoria, but closer analysis reveals a less certain reality. The sense of global unity is indeed progress but, without immediate action, the agreement may become a comforting, though short-term illusion.

WA Biodiversity Conservation Bill – Balancing Environmental Protection and Economic Development

The WA Biodiversity Conservation Bill is currently before State Parliament and aims to provide much-needed improvements and modernisation to existing legislation. It may, however, fail to strike the appropriate balance between protecting the environment and promoting a growing and sustainable economy.

Pastoral Lease Reform in Western Australia Offers Agricultural Diversification

The West Australian Government has plans to introduce legislation in June 2016 that would see traditional pastoral leases expand to allow new business ventures.

AUSMIN: Highlights Opportunities, Neglects Challenges and Outcomes

21 November 2012 | Northern Australia SWA Articles

Consolidation has been the theme of the 2012 AUSMIN discussions. Looking ahead, with defence reviews, changing regional dynamics and budgetary constraints, the alliance faces a number of policy challenges. Background: Last week in Western Australia, Australian Foreign Minister, Bob Carr, and Defence Minister, Stephen Smith, hosted US Secretary of Defence, Leon Panetta, and Secretary of...

Weak Chinese Demand Responsible for Commodity Slowdown

Despite assessments from commentators suggesting the mining boom is over, it is unlikely that Australia will suffer the ‘boom and bust’ pattern of previous resource booms. Background In late-August, as BHP Billiton announced a decline in profits and a decision to delay expansion plans in South Australia, policy makers debated the future of the booming...

East Timor: Xanana Gusmão’s Party Wins Most Seats

Background The National Congress for Timorese Reconstruction has secured the majority of seats in East Timor’s parliamentary polls. Led by charismatic former resistance leader, Xanana Gusmão, the party will require the support of a coalition to secure a majority to govern. With his nation at a crossroad, Prime Minister Gusmão can no longer capitalise on...

Vanuatu Row Highlights Flaws in Regional Policy

Background   In early-May, the 12-member Australian Federal Police (AFP) team in Vanuatu was asked to leave the island nation. This came in response to the alleged treatment of Vanuatu’s Prime Minister and his entourage by Australian immigration officials at Brisbane Airport. While some have dismissed this latest South Pacific diplomatic spat as misunderstanding of...

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