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Not to be Left in the Wake: Harnessing Tidal Power

As an alternative to burning fossil fuels for energy production, natural processes such as ocean energy should be considered and developed as viable alternatives.

Power to the People in Remote Communities

The Australian government moves to provide solar energy power generation to remote Aboriginal communities. An absence of policy, however, may hinder consistent implementation.

There is an Agricultural Trend Toward Soil Biostimulants but are Farmers and Consumers Adequately Protected?

There is a growing, global industry in plant biostimulants, products that have the potential to improve agricultural sustainability and soil health while generating a significant boost to financial return. There is a concern, however, that Australian farmers are not being adequately protected from products that are unable to provide claimed benefits and that regulatory bodies are needed to provide this protection.

Rangelands: Critical to the Environment and Under Constant Threat

Rangelands constitute a significant proportion of the Earth’s total landmass and they sustain important ecosystems that are under an increasing environmental threat from climate change, habitat loss and soil degradation.

Hot Rock Opportunities for Northern Australia

Geothermal energy continues to be a viable source of clean energy.

Extreme Weather Events: Is this our Agricultural Market Future?

The devastation caused by Tropical Cyclone Debbie is likely to significantly influence the domestic, market price of agricultural, aquaculture and fishery produce for the following year. If the predictions of a higher frequency of extreme weather events occurring because of climate change are correct, supply based, price fluctuations may become a more regular feature of our primary produce industry.

Australian Aquaculture and Fisheries Threatened by Marine Plastic Waste

Plans to expand the northern Australia aquaculture industry must include investigation and analysis into potential affects resulting from increasing pollution of the marine environment in the form of marine debris.

Changes to International Defence Partnership Master Plan: Less Land and Smarter Use

Restricting the expansion of land for military exercises will enable and promote opportunities to enhance existing training areas and advances in virtual simulation technology in regional Queensland.

New Cooperative Research Centre for High Performance Soils – Closing the Gap between Soil Science and Farm Management

Recently the Federal Government announced that a new Cooperative Research Centre for High Performance Soils will receive nearly $40 million over 10 years to help the agricultural community bridge the knowledge gap between soil science and farm management. The aim is to provide the tools and knowledge needed to make the right decisions on complex soil management issues.

Vegetation Patterns Changing in Australia’s North

The vegetation patterns in Australia’s north are changing as higher rainfall and improved growing conditions promote the growth of native woody species and introduced noxious weeds.

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