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Aerial Boost to Security in the Sulu Sea

Aerial patrols will provide a significant boost to maritime patrols in the Sulu Sea through tracking militant movements. Further assistance from Singapore and Brunei is also likely.

Indonesia Prepares for 2017 Fire Season

While this year’s fire season is likely to be mild, there are still significant steps that the Indonesian Government needs to take to successfully address this recurring issue.

Indonesia and Malaysia: ‘Please use our Palm Oil’

Rather than pleading to the EU to be more lenient, Indonesia and Malaysia should work to ensure that their palm oil exports are sustainable and eligible for certification.

Diplomacy on the Sidelines: Jokowi at the G-20 Summit

At the summit, Jokowi pushed for greater economic ties with the US and Australia while campaigning to protect Indonesian palm oil exports from increased regulations in the European Union.

Islamic State Propaganda Targeting Indonesian Schools

IS propaganda could be circulating among thousands of unregulated religious schools in Indonesia and may be exacerbated by the “Arabisation” of Islam.

Indonesian Islamic Leader Remains in Saudi Arabia to Avoid Pornography Charges

The charges against Rizieq will do little to tarnish the reputation of FPI among its supporters. Those already opposed to it, on the other hand, will be given more ammunition with which to criticise the organisation.

Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index: Indonesia Should Maintain Focus on Tourism Infrastructure

Weaknesses in the Indonesian tourism industry identified by the World Economic Forum are being addressed by the government and noticeable improvements should be seen by 2019.

Indonesia to Expand Naval Presence near Mindanao

The decision to build a new naval base on Morotai Island is part of a wider strategy to extend the Indonesian military’s influence to the country’s outer islands.

Shangri-La Dialogue: Renewed Counter-terrorism Focus for South-East Asia

New offers of assistance to the Philippines and greater co-operation in dealing with extremism in South-East Asian countries could follow the recent dialogue.

Indonesia Welcomes Luxembourg Foreign Minister

The meeting brought no significant outcomes, but it could lay the groundwork for closer relations as part of wider Indonesian efforts to enhance trade and investment with the European Union.

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