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Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index: Indonesia Should Maintain Focus on Tourism Infrastructure

Weaknesses in the Indonesian tourism industry identified by the World Economic Forum are being addressed by the government and noticeable improvements should be seen by 2019.

Indonesia to Expand Naval Presence near Mindanao

The decision to build a new naval base on Morotai Island is part of a wider strategy to extend the Indonesian military’s influence to the country’s outer islands.

Shangri-La Dialogue: Renewed Counter-terrorism Focus for South-East Asia

New offers of assistance to the Philippines and greater co-operation in dealing with extremism in South-East Asian countries could follow the recent dialogue.

Indonesia Welcomes Luxembourg Foreign Minister

The meeting brought no significant outcomes, but it could lay the groundwork for closer relations as part of wider Indonesian efforts to enhance trade and investment with the European Union.

Regional Pressure to Make Illegal Fishing a Transnational Crime: Is it a Feasible Solution?

As Indonesia seeks international support to declare illegal fishing a transnational crime, it is only likely to go part way to addressing the problem. Multilateral operations that focus on combatting the issue will also be necessary.

Indonesia: A Push for Pancasila at the Expense of Hardline Islamic Groups?

The crackdown on anti-Pancasila organisations does not appear to specifically target hardline Islamic groups. New laws, however, may mean that those groups will have to tread lightly.

Indonesia: Comprehensive Tax Reform on the way

Legislation for tax reforms will likely be finalised by July to pave the way for an information exchange programme targeted at tax evasion from multinational corporations.

Saudi King Salman on Landmark Visit to Indonesia

The visit will likely see billions of dollars poured into improving Indonesia’s oil refining capacity but it also raises the issue of the influence of Wahhabism and the “Arabisation” of Islam in Indonesia.

Jokowi to Visit Australia

The developing bilateral free trade agreement will likely be discussed during the President’s quick visit to Sydney. Indonesia will also be looking to secure more investment and tourism from Australia.

Indonesia: Outcome of Governorship Election will have Impact beyond Jakarta

The outcome of the election could mean either a humiliating defeat for hardline Islamic groups or a boost to their legitimacy within the political sphere.

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