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Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean is critical to global trade and food and energy security. Resources increasingly are being exploited by its littoral and island states. It is also a stage for the pursuit of global strategic and regional military and security interests.

Hanging by a Thread: Timor-Leste Government Losing Grip on Power

The ruling coalition in Timor-Leste is likely to dissolve if it is not able to secure the passage through parliament of its legislative programme. If that happens, a new coalition will have to be negotiated or another round of parliamentary elections held.

Airman on a Short Fuse? Indian Air Chief Speaks on Surgical Strikes on Pakistani Nuclear Sites

Air Chief Marshal Dhanoa’s recent statement was primarily aimed at a domestic audience. It was, for the most part, viewed as such by Pakistan and is an example of the truism that, in the Subcontinent, appearing weak is more dangerous than actually being weak.

Pakistan and Home-Grown Terror: A No-Win Situation

Pakistan’s use of militant groups to achieve its goals in Afghanistan and India has served to degrade its relationship with the US, increase its dependence on China and place it in deeper trouble than ever before.

Indonesian Foreign Policy: Blind Spots, Stress Points and Potential Pitfalls

A growing Indonesia will be confronted by numerous challenges in the years ahead. Among those challenges are Indonesia’s leadership role in ASEAN, its position as a Muslim beacon of democracy and the need to reduce its dependence on China by broadening its economic relationships with other countries. The appeal of populist policies and phantom threats that distract officials from addressing deeper foreign policy issues must also be addressed.

Indonesia: Fire Count at Record Low for 2017

Higher rainfall helped to alleviate the fire season but some credit is owed to the Indonesian Government which should continue to focus on preventative measures.

Implications of the Chinese Communist Party’s 19th Congress: Part Two: Some Consequences of China’s New Foreign Policy

In this, the concluding part of his examination of the 19th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, Research Analyst Lindsay Hughes examines Beijing’s message and some of its international ramifications. Apart from examining some of China’s international policies that stem from that Congress, he also looks at some of the effects of the Belt and Road Initiative on the international community and, more specifically, India.

Implications of the Chinese Communist Party’s 19th Congress: Part One: Xi Consolidates Power

The recently-concluded Congress of the Chinese Communist Party saw President Xi consolidate his power and set China on a revised and ambitious path, one perceived as more becoming of a superpower. Such a move also presents risks for the region and for China itself.

Could Indonesia’s Fight against Corruption Threaten Jokowi’s Presidency?

The recent arrest of the Golkar chairman could shift alliances in the governing coalition and hinder Jokowi’s chances at a second presidential term.

“New Horizons” for South Korean Diplomacy in South-East Asia

Through greater engagement with ASEAN, South Korea is aiming to diversify its diplomatic relations by broadening the focus from the four major powers of China, the United States, Japan and Russia.

Lebanon: The Pawn in the Saudi-Iranian Chess Match

By drawing Lebanon into its all-but-declared war against Iran, Saudi Arabia has almost certainly set itself on the path to failure or the Middle East to war.

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