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Global Food and Water Crises

Australia’s greatest responsibility and opportunity in the 21st century is to help feed a hungry world. Mobilisation of political will and an overhaul of the existing global food systems are critical to avert crises.

Will the Sanchi Oil Tank Collision Push Chinese Fishing Boats Further Into Foreign Waters?

A valuable Chinese fishery could be facing significant damage causing Chinese fishermen to use the disaster to launch a more aggressive campaign into foreign fishing grounds.

Water Crisis at Risk of Spreading throughout South Africa but Total Anarchy Unlikely

Despite what some authorities believe will be total social disorder in the event of running out of water, South Africans may need humanitarian assistance above traditional military protection.

Food and Water Insecurity in Iran: A Factor in Recent Protests?

Rising food and water costs in Iran will continue to provide the populace with a reason to rebel.

Climate Change Adaptation Strategies for Indonesia

The climate adaptation strategies that will be of most benefit to Indonesia include infrastructure reinforcement to gain resilience and robustness when faced with floods or droughts, the establishment of early warning systems, sustainable and adaptive farming practices and disaster insurance. This paper will suggest adaptation measures that can be taken by the Indonesian Government and the Indonesian people to prepare for a changing climate.

How Climate Change Affects Food and Water Security in Indonesia

As a result of climatic change, Indonesia is likely to experience increased temperatures and more volatile dry and wet periods. Increased climate volatility is likely to reduce its domestic food and water security with implications for the supply of water to urban populations, the longevity of groundwater resources and agricultural productivity.

How to Address Gaza’s Water Crisis

Instead of focussing almost exclusively on outside forces, it is important to note that the mismanagement of political and economic institutions, as well as a risky investor climate, affects the Gaza Strip’s water security.

Seychelles to Restart Aquaculture Industry

With an economy that is vulnerable to external factors and dependent on tourism and industrial fishing, the return of an aquaculture industry could help ensure economic diversity and a sustainable food source for an increasingly challenged fisheries sector.

US: The 2018 Farm Bill

Fiscal responsibility will be a high priority for legislators working on the 2018 US Farm Bill. The administration will also need to ensure more private investment and the opening of new markets to offset any burdens placed on many who consider themselves part of President Trump’s base.

Groundwater Storage Improves the UAE’s Water Resilience: Could it be a Model for the Middle East?

A newly completed groundwater storage reservoir will bolster national water supplies and could serve as a model for other countries to emulate, but the high cost of desalination could be prohibitive.

African Food Security: Immediate Challenges Conceal Long-Term Opportunity

While parts of Africa are at risk of greater food insecurity in 2018, the long-term outlook for the continent is hopeful. Provided that current investment, research and assistance programmes are maintained and expanded as necessary, it is possible that the continent will begin to realise its underutilised agricultural potential.

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