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History, Energy and Technology Adding New Depth to India-France Relationship

The Franco-Indian relationship will be increasingly underpinned by a deeper mix of French historical ties and energy and technological know-how that can bring economic benefits to both countries.

Russia: Sanctioning Tomatoes Benefits Food Security and Crony Capitalists

In 2014, Russia used Western-imposed sanctions to better develop domestic industries and its plans for food self-sufficiency out to 2020. Russia is now applying this approach to Turkey by maintaining a ban on tomato imports, and wealthy oligarchs are happy to oblige.

Australian Exercises play Important Role in Singapore Defence Posture

Maintaining strong relationships with regional partners will be of increasing importance in maintaining the ability of the Singaporean Armed Forces to act as an effective deterrent at a time when the possibility of conflict in the region is on the rise.

Ethiopia Devalues Currency to Maintain Strong Economic Performance

Devaluing the currency by fifteen per cent will aid the economy in the short to medium terms, but structural reforms and diversification will be needed if the vulnerability to fluctuating commodity prices is to be overcome in the longer term.

India’s Primacy in the Indian Ocean Region: Possibility or Misplaced Priority?

17 October 2017 | Associate Papers, Indian Ocean

India, which has the capacity to be a net security provider in the Indian Ocean Region, views the growing presence of China in the area with some suspicion and has sought to build a collective security framework with other Indian Ocean littoral states. India, Australia and the United States can play an important role by co-operating more closely in maintaining a rules-based order in the Indian Ocean Region.

The Wasteful Dragon: Food Loss and Waste in China

Reducing food loss and waste will provide China with economic, social and environmental benefits. Changing legislative and regulatory conditions will help to reduce food loss and waste but, to ensure greater success, cultural attitudes will also need to change.

WTO: Will a Meeting in Marrakech Produce a Consensus for Buenos Aires?

The aim of the World Trade Organisation mini-ministerial meeting in Marrakech, Morocco, is to prepare developing countries ahead of the Eleventh Ministerial Conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and to ensure they attend the Conference with a consensus already formed.

Climate and Rainfall in Northern Australia

The climate of northern Australia, situated in the tropics at the junction of two major oceans, is subject to various influences and drivers. A reliable supply of water is essential to the development of the region and annual rainfall must be captured to provide some of that water. Predicting future rainfall is critical to development planning but, despite detailed research and analysis, predictions remain uncertain.

Chinese Control of Hydrological Data is a Source of Growing Concern for India

Hydrological data from the Chinese portion of the Brahmaputra River is of vital importance to India for flood mitigation and adaptation. China’s command over this data could provoke hostilities if a diplomatic solution is not found.

“One-Stop Border-Post” Plan to Streamline South Africa-Zimbabwe Border Crossing

If they result in greater efficiencies and an increased flow of goods, the proposed improvements to border crossing procedures will benefit the economies of both countries.

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