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From the CEO

FDI Outlook and Analysis for 2018

23 January 2018 | From the CEO, Other FDI Reports

Across the Indo-Pacific Region, the year ahead has all the hallmarks of continuing geopolitical uncertainly and the likelihood of increasing concern over a number of non-traditional challenges that include changes in demographic trends, the impact of climate change, the ability to meet food and water demands, rising inequality and the impact on employment of increased automation.

Food and Water Security in the Middle East to 2030: An Overview of FDI’s Landmark Study

Next week, FDI will publish a Landmark Study that examines the food and water security situation of the Middle East to 2030. This paper is a summary of the major conclusions reached in the study.

FDI Research for 2017

24 January 2017 | From the CEO, Other FDI Reports

FDI’s research continues to evolve but remains focused on three general topics: the Indian Ocean Region and the opportunities for Australia over the next 20 years; the possibility of a global food and water crisis and its impact on Australia between now and 2050; and the development of northern Australia, especially in relation to what needs to be done to improve the quality of its soils.

What’s Next

17 May 2016 | From the CEO

Events that may influence the next week’s research: 16-22 May. The Bonn, Germany Climate Change Conference being the first ad hoc Working Group of the Paris Agreement. Discussing China, Africa and technological advice.

What’s next

6 April 2016 | From the CEO

Events that may influence the next week’s research: 11-13 Apr, The biennial East West Forum to be held in Shenzhen. Northern Australia food forum – Darwin. 12-15 Apr, 18th International Conference & Exhibition on LNG – Perth

Indian Ocean Dialogue 2015

9 September 2015 | From the CEO

Indian Ocean Dialogue 2015  FDI, in collaboration with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, with support from the Indian Ocean Rim Association Secretariat and the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection, convened the second Indian Ocean Dialogue in Perth.  As seven FDI staff were involved, no Strategic Weekly Analysis will be issued this...

2015 is the International Year of Soil.

6 February 2015 | From the CEO

Fertile soil is finite and invaluable.  We need healthy and fertile soils now more than ever.  Projections suggest that the amount of arable land will be reduced by half by 2050.  And yet, all we see are the full supermarket shelves and believe this will continue forever. We must, therefore, find ways to reverse these...

FDI’s Research for 2015

20 January 2015 | From the CEO

  FDI’s research for 2015 will continue to focus on its analyses of the future in three key areas: The opportunities and challenges for Australia in the Indian Ocean region.  The likelihood of a global food and water crisis and the implications of such an event for Australia. The opportunities and challenges for Australia in…

Regenerating our Soils: The FDI Approach

2 October 2014 | From the CEO

  FDI published a second edition of the concept to regenerate our soils in northern and inland Australia in May this year Regenerating our Soils: The FDI Approach.  The intention was to produce a number of papers to justify the concept.  While some papers have been produced, others have not been done due to research…

Regenerating our Soils: The FDI Approach

30 May 2014 | From the CEO

  Many farmers say that the productivity of their farms is declining.  At the same time, the cost of producing their agricultural and pastoral product is increasing.  It is also becoming obvious that soils need to be regenerated and that processes that worked in the past are no longer sustainable. Increasingly, research is starting to…

Publication Guide

  • Associate papers are primary source assessments written by FDI associates. The assessment topics range from regional bilateral relationships and opportunities and challenges in our neighbouring countries.

  • Feature interviews are interviews conducted by an FDI Research Manager. Interview topics range from the sustainability of our planet to the improved provision of emergency food aid.

  • Normally issued in hardcopy, these represent a comprehensive study of one of FDI’s four research areas.

  • Strategic alerts are priority current intelligence items. We provide these alerts when events such as military deployments or foreign election results occur.

  • A 1500 to 3000 word, single topic assessment.

  • A number of short articles addressing current intelligence topics, issued each week.

  • A record of discussions resulting from a single, or series of, roundtable conferences.

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