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Melanesia: Climate Change, and Food and Water Security

17 November 2016

Reginald Ramos, Research Analyst Future Directions International 10 November 2016 In this paper, FDI Global Food and Water Crises Research Analyst Reginald Ramos outlines the demographic, environmental and nutritional challenges that threaten food and water security in Melanesia. He finds that, given the strategic significance of the Melanesian region, it is in Australia’s national interest to continue assisting…

Governance and Political Challenges in Indonesia

17 November 2016

Jarryd de Haan, Research Analyst Future Directions International 8 November 2016 In this paper, FDI Indian Ocean Research Analyst Jarryd de Haan explores some of the key political and governance challenges confronting Indonesia under the Widodo Administration. He finds that, while the Indonesian parliament remains dominated by secular-nationalist parties, that emphasis on nationalism, especially if conflated with religion,…

India, China, the United States and the NSG Impasse: Competing Objectives or Just a Distraction?

29 September 2016

Auriol Weigold, Associate Future Directions International 15 September 2016 India’s attempt to secure membership of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) failed at the plenary meeting in Seoul on 24 June 2016, when China led to deny it membership on “procedural” grounds. In this Associate Paper, Dr Auriol Weigold raises questions: was China’s blocking of India’s NGS…

Crisis Water Management in China: the Key to Political Control?

13 September 2016

Mervyn Piesse, Research Manager Future Directions International 12 September 2016 In his paper titled ” Crisis Water Management in China: the Key to Political Control?” Mervyn Piesse, Research Manager of the Global Food and Water Crises Programme, writes how a link can be drawn between the ability to manage or control water and political leadership in China. The…

Vision Infinity for Food Security: Dr Shashi B. Sharma

18 August 2016

Australian Policy Online has republished the FDI Feature Interview with Dr Shashi Sharma. FDI has taken the opportunity to interview Dr Sharma about his book and his vision for a world perpetually free from food insecurity; that is, food security for all forever.  To view Click here  

China’s One Belt One Road Policy: Can History Repeat Itself?

26 July 2016

Stephanie Goche, Research Assistant Future Directions International 07 July 2016 In her paper titled ; “China’s One Belt One Road Policy: Can History Repeat Itself?” Stephanie Goche, Research Analyst Northern Australia and Land Care  Research Programme, writes how China has proposed a new international strategy, One Belt One Road Policy. The international treaty aims to recreate a modern…

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